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e mail from Mick Jones (Countryside Properties) to Peter Astbury 8 April 10


the roads to be adopted by WBC are split in 2 phases - subject to the sewers being adopted by UU and any highway remedial work being undertaken all the roads will hopefully be adopted in July 10 year

Ultimately the issue that is preventing the residents taking control of the management company is with the adoption of the sewers.

The neighbouring farmer, Mr Priestner, must sign a deed of grant to be appended to the Section 104 agreement which he has agreed to and has been remunerated for but he hasn't yet done so.

We have been chasing him for some time now and threatened him with legal action as its preventing a number of things for both CPN and yourself which eventually manifests itself in unbudgeted costs to CPN and frustration for yourself.

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Pete Astbury. December 2008.