Homewatch Scheme:


Homewatch situation...
1) Lynne Lees, Cheshire Police introduction letter posted through doors to 197 properties in early July 10.
2) Meeting on 12 July 10 between residents & PCSO Mike Luckett by the Lake area.
3) Homewatch contacts appointed.
4) Stickers arrived 11 August 10 from the Home Office.
5) Homewatch Contacts to distribute the stickers & make themselves known to neighbours.
6) Co op displaying neighbourhood watch stickers. Thank you Linda.
7) Further info to follow from PCSO Mike Luckett.
8) Homewatch Deputies sent forms from the Coordinator


Homewatch contacts:

Jim Russell (APT) - 0796 932 6738 - jimrussell70@yahoo.co.uk - 14 Chaise Meadow
Steve Walsh (APT) - 0771 414 9285 - steve.walsh@pozzoni-pms.co.uk - 46 Chaise Meadow
Peter Astbury - 0795 155 4079 - ecodynamics@btinternet.com - 55 Chaise Meadow
Jim Hodby - 0791 910 8237 - jim.hodby@virgin.net - 107 Chaise Meadow
Neil Woodman (APT) - 0779 581 8838 - neil.woodman@gmail.com - 3 Farcroft Close
Sandra and Colin Hughes - 0788 544 3642 - colin.sandra1723@btinternet.com - 15 Farcroft Close
Beverley & Gwennant Davies - 0796 170 7511 - rgbentmldavies@btinternet.com - 37 School Drive
Phil & Hilary Knowles - 0773 734 1581 - hjknowles@btinternet.com - 7 Longcroft Place
David & Louise Cooper - 0795 155 4079 - lou-j@live.co.uk - 2 Millington Gardens
Fran Gallego & Rachel Parry - 0795 268 0649 - rachelparry@hotmail.co.uk - 7 Millington Gardens


Neighbourhood & Homewatch website


To Peter Astbury (Heatley Mere Residents Association)
From Jenny Ford (Cheshire Police)


I have attached a brief background to Home Watch for your information which will hopefully enable you to compile your messages for your April Newsletter. I have not been able to contact Lynne as yet but will try tomorrow.


Home Watch began in Cheshire in 1982 when a mini crime wave hit the village of Mollington. Local residents established a network where information could be communicated between each other and the police to aid the crime prevention process. Neighbourhood Watch was introduced soon after in Metropolitan areas and other Counties followed suit.


Neighbourhood and Home Watch became one of the biggest and most successful crime prevention initiatives ever. Behind it lies a simple idea, and a central value shared by millions of people around the country of: getting together with your neighbours to take action to cut local crime


The main purpose of Neighbourhood and Home Watch is to help people to protect themselves and their property and improve their local environment. The objectives are: To prevent crime by improving security, increasing vigilance, creating and maintaining a caring community and reducing opportunities for crime by increasing crime prevention awareness; To assist the police in detecting crime by promoting effective communication and prompt reporting of suspicious and criminal activity; To reduce undue fear of crime by providing accurate information about risks and by promoting a sense of security and community spirit, particularly among the more vulnerable members of the community; and To improve police/community liaison by providing effective communication channels, and by members informing the police of incidents when they occur.


A recent review undertaken on behalf of the ACPO Lead for Neighbourhood and Home Watch (Chief Constable Frank Whiteley, Hertfordshire Constabulary) concluded that in the United Kingdom, Neighbourhood and Home Watch schemes were effective in reducing crime in 79% of cases when compared with similar areas where no schemes existed.


Home Watch in Cheshire has a long history of working with the Constabulary. With approximately 2,300 schemes, there is considerable overlap in the work that Neighbourhood Policing Teams carry out and the Home Watch movement is involved in particularly in respect of: Crime prevention Sharing intelligence Identifying issues of local concern Being involved in community problem solving Promoting social cohesion Building community capacity Public reassurance Raising confidence in local policing


Constabulary Watch Officers and Crime Reduction Advisers regularly send out messages to Home Watch Coordinators regarding a number of areas including: Distraction burglaries Suspicious Phone Calls Cold Calling Crime Updates Trading Standards Update


These messages are forwarded by Home Watch Coordinators to their members on a cascade system in various ways including: E-mail alerts Printed Newsletters Formal and informal face to face meetings Through other volunteer network systems


Free Public Liability Insurance (PLI) is available to Neighbourhood & Home Watch Associations / Schemes in England & Wales which have been formally registered with, and approved by, their local police as an authorised Neighbourhood & Home Watch Association / Scheme.



Jenny A Ford
Community Engagement Manager
Communities Unit
Cheshire Constabulary
01244 614551




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P Astbury. April 2010