Leasehold at Heatley Mere:


Hi peter

Here is some more leasehold information about the CMA



Leasehold investigation


Hi Peter

Hope you are happy and well.

I have just sent a complaint to the consumer protection about Countryside mis-selling of my leasehold in 2006


They want to hear from leaseholders


Please read the attached link and publish on your web site.


Regards Mary Artine


Someone else might want to complain!


Leasehold information





You may have seen recent news about LEASEHOLD properties. At Heatley Mere we are on leasehold.


If you are interested in forming a group to investigate whether we have been misold a product by Countryside Properties and whether we are overpaying Ground Rent and Management Fees then get in touch with:


Mary Artine

102 Chaise Meadow




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