The Farm


Information from David Priestner. (07774 620459)

David's family have been farming in the area for many years.
The land at Heatley which is next to the Heatley Mere development and lake is part of their arable farm based at Dunham Massey.
They grow wheat, barley, oats, oil seed rape, fodder beet, potatoes & grass.

This year the land at Heatley is growing potatoes to supply walkers crisps,
and Winter barley which is sold to feed mills to supply other livestock farmers.

David asks parents to remind their children that walking through the field damages the crops.
He also asks dog owners not to let their dogs use the fields and please take their plastic bags away with them.

The Priestners are guardians of the countryside and ask that others are equally considerate.

P Astbury. April 2011


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